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A series of talks, sharings and reflections 

Garden of Reflection is imagined as a space for intimate gatherings that spark conversations around themes of love, friendship, gender, caste and religion. It is a space to gather, to come together to read, listen and share.

  • Anurag Minus Verma screened “A Triptych of Memories from Rajasthan", three captivating video art pieces that serve as a time machine. The films explored  caste, gender, memory, and migration, all conveyed through a deadpan humorous style. The screening was followed by a conversation between Anurag and Vijeta Kumar.

  • We celebrated sisterhood and solidarity in an evening of singing, sharing and spreading joy with the feminist activists from Gamana Women's Collective. Together, we  discussed how feminists have supported each other over the decades as part of the women's movement. This session was filled with  laughter, heartfelt stories and the power of solidarity and friendships.


  • In this session with Sabah Khan we  watched the film ‘Under the Open Sky’. The film documents Parcham's work of introducing a football initiative for adolescent girls in Muslim ghettos. We used this as a provocation to start a conversation around creating, occupying and reclaiming public spaces by women and young girls.

  • Sri Vamsi Matta shared his performance piece Come Eat with Me that explores the relationship between caste and food. The session began with personal history and anecdotes and ended with a shared meal prepared by Vamsi and other members of the group.

  • Nisha Abdulla shared her audio play wepushthesky. We listened to excerpts from the play which uses personal stories and community histories. The group then reflected on faith, ideologies, friendships lost and friendships gained.

  • Masoom Parmar shared personal anecdotes about ancestry and belonging as a queer, part muslim, part Parsi Bharatanatyam dancer navigating traditional and contemporary spaces. Using a partition survivor's interview as a prompt, we discussed what citizenship, secularism and the idea of home means in today's world.


  • With Jones Benny John we read and discussed excerpts from 'The Promise of the Metropolis: Bangalore's Twentieth Century' written by Janaki Nair, as part of the discussion on the gentrification of Bangalore and what it means for the residents.


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