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My Grandmothers

My Grandmothers



My Grandmothers | These women have made me the woman that I am. Good, bad and ugly. Aunties. Mothers. Sisters. Friends. And women in their own right. Their lives have shaped my life in more ways than they will ever know. 

| VIJAYA | The iron foundry that she managed created the main stairway of the famous Cauvery Theatre in Guttahalli. | Her rose gardens won awards. | Taught my father (her son) how to drive a bus at age 12. | Likes watching cooking shows as much as she hates cooking. | Reads in five different languages. | Has stolen more library books than anyone i know. | Gave me my habit of talking to the plants I'm growing. | Always up for some shopping or a movie. | Always indulgent, always fun. | Lioness Club member who delights in giving speeches. | At age 19, took my grand-father on dates in her Citroen (she drove). He always sat in the back seat. | Hoarder of bags and beads. Lover of bajjies and pizza. Makes the kind of coffee that cures all ills. Diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia two years ago. | Dog lover. | 

SAROJA | Beloved teacher for several decades. Her students still send her birthday wishes. Co-authored science textbooks that are still in use in Indian middle schools. | Took a trip to Wales in the 1970s to attend a teacher training course. | She learned geography and math in Tamil. | Got her driving license at age 42. | Makes the better ghajar halwa in the world. | Always the sincerest member of every book club that she joins. | Showed me and my sister (her granddaughters) how the kitchen had the best ingredients for science experiments. | Loves fiercely. | Favourite flavour of ice cream= butterscotch. | Natural mentor: creative and encouraging. | In her school teaching days, her French knot was the envy of every student. | Warm. Graceful. Thoughtful. Kind. Softest person i know.

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