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Museum of Memories is a virtual repository of untold stories about the heritage of women and queer identities. This is our first online project created by young contributors and curators aged 18-25 years.

Aakriti Chandervanshi, Charulatha Dasappa and Mallika Dabke conceptualised and curated this tapestry of memories and histories. The trio went on to put together works by 12 contributors that explored unique, yet familiar stories and perspectives. This motley group of 15 people, located across the globe have never met in person, but have come together in a collaboration that comprised endless zoom calls and email threads.


This project has been made possible by a grant from the British Council –

Heritage Grants to Engage Young people in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


The Museum can be viewed at

In the words of the curators: 


“In a world hurtling towards the unknown it was important for us to look back and reconnect with our roots, to help hold onto things that have shaped our identity and heritage. Moreover, the contributions, in a small way attempt to showcase unheard voices and untold stories.”

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