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Blank Page was a celebration of the spoken word through theatre, music, and movement. Poems written in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Kashmiri by some of India’s finest contemporary poets were interpreted by a group of multi talented performers.


Blank Page explored themes such as conflicted relationships, political resistance, identity, and the intense act of writing itself.

Photo Credit: Tamaasha Theatre

Sandbox invited three productions from Tadpole Repertory to perform in Bangalore. We provided production, logistical and fund-raising support for the tour. A Brief History of Pantomimes , a fantasy about a fictional community of people who decided not to speak in their daily lives.

NDLS, a collection of short sketches -comic, dramatic, musical and nonsensical – making propositions about life in Delhi.

Gruesome Playground Inquiries: Adapted from the play by the Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Rajiv Joseph,Gruesome Playground Inquiries is the story of the relationship between Adhiraj and Ira.

The shows performed at multiple venues across Bangalore.

Photo Credit: Tadpole Repertory



Sandbox invited TAPE aka The Gentlemen’s Club devised and performed by Patchworks Ensemble to tour Bangalore. We played hosts and local producers to the cabaret-esque show that explores the fictional and fabulous world of DRAG KINGS, those magnificent women who impersonate men in the entertainment business. A mad, crazy performance that celebrates masculinity of a ‘kind’ as they pay tributes to the Golden age of Bollywood and Shammi Kapoor, also Justin Timberlake among others.

Performed at multiple venues across Bangalore.

Photo Credit:  Patchworks Ensemble

Commissioned by The Globe Theatre in London, Piya Behrupiya is an award winning Hindi adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night using song, dance and nautanki style. Directed by Atul Kumar and translated and adapted by Amitosh Nagpal the play has won accolades in various countries across the globe and in collaboration with Sandbox Collective performed 10 shows at Festival International Santiago a Mil in Chile in 2015. The Company Theatre supported Sandbox’s Mumbai tour of Koogu across multiple venues, while Sandbox curated and executed two editions of the Kamshet Arts Festival at The Company Theatre workspace in rural Maharashtra. The all-night, multi-venue festival saw performers like Bijayani Satpathy, Danish Hussain, Emma Gilljam, Rupesh Tillu, Kaluram Bamaniya, Atul Pethe, Manjusha Patil and Ronkini Gupta among others.

Photo Credit:  The Company Theatre



Perch, a performance collective in Chennai created ‘Cheruvannur Diaries- Typewriter Tales’ a theatrical narration of the experiences of a typewriter salesman in North Kerala in the ‘80s. Storytelling at its best, it presented the engaging and colourful stories of simple people, communities and institutions.

As part of ‘home theatre’ we performed at multiple venues across Bangalore.

Photo Credit: Cop Shiva


ThinkArts introduced Sandbox to the works of Trickster P. The first tour of h.g was conducted in collaboration with ThinkArts. In 2020 Sandbox Collective received a grant from ThinkArts to create a performance film introducing young children to the idea of Gender through conversations with professionals in various fields.


Say, What? is a full length performance by Avantika Bahl and her collaborator Vishal Sarvaiya after she learnt the Indian sign language. Say, What? is one of the few works in India that can be accessed by, and is meant for a mixed audience. In India, there are very few spaces for the deaf and hearing community to come together, and to find common ground, and this performance is a rare opportunity for conversations that are more than formalities.


Sandbox collaborated with Avantika to perform the show in Bangalore and New Delhi.

Photo Credit:  Avantika Bahl


We conceptualised and curated the Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival 2019. In keeping with the times we live in, we called it ‘The Festival of Laughter and Forgetting’ as a tribute to Milan Kundera’s legendary novel. The jury comprised Arundhati Ghosh(Executive Director, IFA), Sapan Saran(Playwright, Performer, Director) and Jayant Kaikini(Writer, Lyricist and playwright). The festival line up included Nava by Dramanon and Aravani Art Project- Bangalore, The Hunger Artist by Aum Yash Kendra-Mumbai, Sangeet Bari by Kali Billi Productions-Mumbai, Rihla by Aagaaz Theatre Trust-New Delhi, Hello Farmaaish, Dur Se Brothers-Mumbai and Eidgah ke Jinnat by Bhasha Center-Bangalore.

The Festival also saw music performances by Parvaaz, Urban Folk Project and Pardafaash, A session of Urdu poetry by Anjuman, Declaration of Empathy-A photo series by T. K Sandeep, along with artwork sent in by artists from across the world to be displayed at the festival.


We curated and executed the theatre section of Navras, the annual festival of the Jawahar Kala Kendra in Jaipur in 2018. The shows included Elephant in the Room by Yuki Elias, Shakkar ke Paanch Daane by Manav Kaul, Ismat Aapa ke Naam by Naseeruddin Shah, Ek Madhav Baug by Mona Ambegaonkar, Mahadev Bhai by Jaimini Pathak and Khwaab Sa by Atul Kumar.


We were invited to re-imagine and curate one of Bangalore’s oldest theatre festivals. We created a new structure and format for the festival to infuse youth and vitality into an otherwise old-school and traditional festival. The multi-venue festival saw performances like Brecht’s Mother Courage performed by Arundhati Nag, Boiled Beans on Toast directed by Prakash Belawadi, and The Woman in me by Pawan Kumar among others.

Photo Credit: Tahatto


We conceptualised, curated and ran three editions(2012-14) of a theatre festival for, of and by theatre people. The format involved drawing lots to form temporary teams-nine in all-that would work for 3 days to create short works in English, Kannada and Hindi, that would be shown at the festival. The idea was to get all the theatre folk in Bangalore to one place, to work, chat, eat and gather together for three days to watch each other’s work and help each other through the quick rehearsal process by creating a college-festival-like atmosphere. The celebratory festival roughly saw as many people on stage as there were in the audience.

Photo Credit: Lekha Naidu


Sandbox collaborated with the IIHS to conceive and curate a program ‘Anubhava’ to open out the institute and create a hub for the arts in the local community. We created a regular calendar of events for Anubhava that included theatre, dance and music performances, talks, workshops and film screenings. All events were free and open to the public. We collaborated on Anubhava for over two years.


The Humming Tree was a designated venue for music, it also hosted a bar and restaurant. We collaborated with THT for over two years to bring theatre to this venue. We performed all our shows at THT as well as curated shows from across India that performed here. Besides theatre we also hosted poetry sessions and performances for children here.

Photo Credit:  Jazeela Basheer

We curated and ran a programme titled The German Spotlight, a series of dramatized readings of contemporary Germany plays to familiarise ourselves with the new and emerging works from Germany. Theatre companies and individuals were invited to participate in these readings. Over the last five years several of the plays that were read, went on to be translated into Indian languages and resulted in full length productions.

Photo Credit:  Anuja Ghosalkar


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