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Remote Bangalore by Rimini Protokoll from Germany was a participatory theatre project that blurred the line between performer and audience and turned the architecture of the city into a stage for the show. Sandbox served as creative producer on the Indian version and performed 25 shows. This was Sandbox’s first international collaboration.

Photo Credits: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

K Two was an improvised performance based on the character of Madame K. Two dancers explored the limits of the movements of video game characters executed by human bodies. K Two was performed and conceptualised by Nicole Seiler and Kylie Walters. 

Sandbox toured the show in  Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Jaipur and New Delhi.


Photo Credits: Vijay Varadan



.h.g. was a reading of the classical fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. The performance took the shape of an installation that merged theatre, sound and visual arts.

Sandbox collaborated on two separate tours of this show, the second time in Bangalore, New Delhi, Pondicherry and Chennai.


Photo Credits: Studio CCRZ

Basel-based artist Corinne Maier created a documentary theatre piece on a global family story from personal video footage of her protagonist Shaheen Dill-Riaz titled, Past is Present.

Sandbox served as creative producers and toured the show in Bangalore, Pondicherry and Mumbai.

Photo Credits: Corinne Maier



A choreographed contemporary dance performance based on the principles of Quantum Physics. Quantum, developed and choreographed by Gilles Jobin at CERN was a quivering, throbbing performance that celebrated the dance of the universe through the movement of elementary particles.


Sandbox toured the performances in Bangalore, Chandigarh and New Delhi,

Picture Credits: Richa Bhavanam


C sharp C blunt is based on the concept of the loop. An electronic musician is live on stage, he creates and layers loops from live sound. The loop in its nature reflects the training of the singer through endless repetition, but also the process of cultural and social “programming“. This cultural “programming“ also defines the specific way, girls and women are supposed to behave. Sandox collaborated to present the show in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pondicherry and Goa, across venues and festivals.


Photo Credits: Amit Bansal

Sandbox’s collaboration with Sophiensaele, Berlin, has seen several conversations and cultural exchanges over the years. Artistic Director, Franziska Werner, was a delegate at Gender Bender 2018 and Sandbox was invited to present Gender Bender at Tanzstage 2020 in Berlin with an evening of Lavani.

Photo Credits: Varsha Venkatesh


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