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Gender Jalebi is an umbrella term for all our gender-related works

when  gender  makes  you  go  round  and  round


A space for books, but also a place to gather, discuss, talk, and debate about books, literature, freedom and feminism. The Library  also hosts programs like ‘Talking Gender’ featuring curated talks, book clubs, book launches and conversations with authors. 


The Library will (in a trunk format) travel to colleges, universities and to educational institutions.It will introduce artists, writers and cultural commentators, their lives and work to young people, laying a foundation for free thinking, the right to dissent and the need to stand up and be counted.


Feminist leadership involves creating new alternatives to traditional, hierarchical and patriarchal structures. In the hope of a more free, equal and compassionate work atmosphere that helps everyone(and not just a few) thrive, our training will prioritise kindness, care and equality. The training program will be available to both the arts sector as well as corporate entities. 



We created two episodes of a gender-focussed film for children titled, Today I met a male Nurse/Mechanic aunty. These films are available as resource material as conversation starters for educators working with children.

Supported by:  ThinkArts Foundation


Museum of Memories is a virtual repository of untold stories about the heritage of women and queer identities. This was our first digital project created by young contributors and curators aged 18-25 years. 


Aakriti Chandervanshi, Charulatha Dasappa and Mallika Dabke conceptualised and curated this tapestry of memories and histories. They put together works by 12 contributors exploring unique, yet familiar stories and perspectives. These 15 people, located across the globe had never met in person, but came together in a collaboration that comprised endless zoom calls and email threads.

Supported by: British Council 



Rest Your Thoughts Here: The Gender Chronicles  is a repository of reflections on gender and sexuality. We conceived of the project during the second wave of the pandemic and it was curated by interdisciplinary artist Deepikah Bharadwaj.  The year 2021 started with  notebooks and artbooks making their way to people’s homes. Boxes with books, stickers and stationery would be left at their doorsteps and  people used the material to  create their art, jot down their thoughts, sometimes rant and rave, sometimes reflect and introspect, on everything that constituted gender stories. Many contributors  poured their heart out to the gender journals that went around town collecting little nuggets of our collective experiences during our time in isolation. The journals were like a portal, allowing us a peek into the stories of others like us.


​Supported by:  Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore


A series of podcasts focussed on sharing and highlighting voices that go unheard and unarchived. We recorded 11 podcasts and featured women, gender and sexual minorities from different walks of life  capturing the layers and nuances within the Gender discourse. Partners: Radio Active ( Season 1)


Season 2 will continue to extend the scope of the podcasts by sharing, highlighting and archiving the work further.

The Gender Jalebi podcast won the Best Community Radio Show award at Radio Connex 2018

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