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A multi-arts festival that celebrates fresh perspectives of gender


Over the last seven years, our approach towards the works we produce and curate has seen a marked evolution. What is clear is that art is at the crux of all our efforts at bringing positive change and increased empathy in our society. In this, we have gravitated organically towards the link between art and gender, which also resulted in the conceptualisation of Gender Bender six years ago. The festival invites applications from artists and individuals around the world, for works that play with innovative and novel ideas around issues of gender.

Projects that are short listed to be awarded a trigger grant are selected by an independent panel comprising eminent individuals in the arts.


Projects created for Gender Bender from the very first edition have resulted in impact that goes beyond the festival. Most of the works showcased at Gender Bender have also gone on to have a vibrant post festival life. The conversations that emerge when artists and audiences meet and interact in this space are of immense value to the discourse on Gender. Through this selection process, we hope to see projects that enable and empower similar artistic endeavours.








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