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We initiated dramatised readings of German plays in 2015. Over the years we have  collaborated with theatre artists in Bangalore to present a series of readings of German plays in translation. From 2015-2021 we curated readings of various playwrights, however from the eight edition we decided to focus on the works of a single playwright.  In 2023 we zoned in on the works of acclaimed German playwright Theresia Walser. 

Supported by: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore


AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANTS is a collaboration between Sandbox Collective and Trickster-p, Switzerland. The 2-year joint research project focused on hybridity in arts practice as inspired by co-existence among species and the relationship between humans and non-humans. The project started online in the digital space and was followed by a workshop for artists in Lugano, Switzerland in 2022. In 2023 we curated a residential workshop in Kamshet, Maharashtra and a final workshop in Bangalore. Collaborators: Aruna Ganesh Ram (Bangalore) and Paramita Saha (Kolkata), Maria da Silva (Geneva) and Yves Regenass (Basel).


Partner : Trickster-p, based in Lugano and Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council, New Delhi

Supported by: The To-Gather programme of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia


Openscape was created as a  transnational digital platform for the promotion of artistic and curatorial exchanges and organised and presented by partners across five continents. The online meeting point aimed at connecting practitioners globally through a series of curated discursive events and a permanent and decentralised online platform.


Partners : Swiss Dance Network (CH) and Materialise (CH/HK), GreenRoom (CL/DE/ES), iPanda (CN), The Khan (LB), Mwenya Kabwe (ZA), NAVE (CL), Nika Parkhomovskaia (RU/FR), and Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)

Supported by:  Transformation Fund of Canton Zurich (CH) and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (CH)


The project brought together 21 artists from 4 cities - Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Dhaka - in a hybrid residency programme, spending time online and offline reflecting upon their relationship with the urban and how experiences of the city have increasingly been mediated by the digital - at scale, or for themselves individually. Through two phases of the residency, a host of amazing speakers from India, Dhaka and Germany shared their work and processes with our residents followed by an offline showcase of the works of the residents in their respective cities.


Supported by: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore, Mumbai and Dhaka


See-Saw was a 10 week anonymous artistic exchange through mail (post) between 11 Bangalore-based artists around the theme of identity and prejudice. Conceptualised by Karen D’Mello. Co-created together with Charulatha Dasappa (Project Manager), Suchaita Tenneti (Dramaturg) and Aakriti Chandervanshi (Visual Designer and Photographic Documentation) along with 11 other artist participants. 


Supported by: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore


We have hosted various artists as residents in our space from 2014 onwards.  They range from performers and musicians to puppeteers, writers, visual artists, set designers and dancers. We continue to offer short and long term residencies to Indian and international artists on both creative and/or research-oriented projects. 

In the past we have also been called upon to provide India-centric arts and gender related research assistance and mentorship to International artists and organisations. We continue our work in this area and will be happy to take on mentorship and advisory roles on projects for institutions as well as independent artists. 

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