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"We who are asleep must open our eyes and look about us” 

Bama ( writer, teacher and novelist )  


This is as true for artists as it is for anyone else. 

We would all do well to heed Bama’s words, for freedom of all kinds, including artistic freedom, must be unconditional and non-negotiable, because, even if one of us is not free, then none of us is free. Which is why we must continue to do the work we do, and as women who tried to build a small arts organisation, away from the commercial and the mainstream, in the margins if you will, what we asked through our work in the arts is to build safe and nurturing spaces for solidarity. 

Artists cannot and must not function as isolated islands because our work is to build bridges. As an arts collective that works with women, gender and sexual minorities, we want to be able to demand a more equal, kind and compassionate world because we believe it is our right to build the world we want to live in rather than the world that we are forced to live in. 

It has been a long and eventful journey thus far, and we look forward to the future with conviction in our work, courage to challenge the things we fear and faith in the transformative power of art. 

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