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Smarter Digital Realities is a project conceived and conceptualised by Sandbox Collective in collaboration with Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore.

We're working on an exchange of artistic responses between Bangalore based artists. Think snail mail, handwritten notes, experiences, individual and collective reflections.

We're creating a repository of reflections on gender and sexuality. A gender chronicle of sorts.

So, welcome aboard, take a deep breath, and rest your thoughts here.

© Ef_femininity

© Chill Panther

© Lekha Naidu

© Hari Adivarekar

Our area of special focus is gender, gender equality and sexuality. We curate, produce and tour performances and festivals as well as facilitate collaborations between artists, audiences and cultural spaces, both nationally and internationally, with the aim of creating meaningful dialogue and culturally vibrant communities. We work with Individuals and organisations from across the world on artistic and research oriented projects that are grounded in India. We also offer assistance and mentorship facilities to artists from across the world looking for collaborators in India.

Since its inception in 2013, Sandbox Collective has served as a free-flowing hub for artists, writers, musicians, curators, administrators, designers and students.



Four invited artistes present dramatized readings of plays by contemporary German playwrights, in English and other languages.

A Garden of reflection is a space to gather, to come together to read, listen and share.

A workshop understanding the relationship between information and virality on WhatsApp.

#Empowerment, scheduled to open at the Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg features over a hundred artists. It also features five feminist collectives from across the world one of which is Sandbox Collective. We are very happy to be here with the works of two very talented, young Indian artists that Sandbox has an ongoing relationship with. Our section features 'The Declaration of Empathy', a photo performance created for Gender Bender 2019 by Sandeep T K and 'Burqewali' a photo series by Arshi Irshad Ahmedzai.


For more information, please head to  Kunstmuseum Exhibition

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